Prepare an Emergency Plan

We all think it couldn’t happen to us, but accidents do occur. We hope you never experience a problem, but we always suggest that you develop and implement an emergency preparedness plan for the various disasters and emergency situations that could arise. These plans should include evacuation routes and informed decisions on what to do and where to go should disaster strike.

Here are some considerations for you to include in your plan. No matter what the situation, safety for all involved must come first.

  • Call fire, emergency squad and/or police if necessary. Keep emergency numbers readily available. Stay away from downed power lines and electrical systems. Call your local power companies to inform them of downed lines in the area.
  • If you experience property damage, secure your property from further damage if possible. Do not take risks. Your safety is most important.
  • If you have water line damage, turn off water at the main source if it is safe to do so. Call a water damage team to mitigate water backup and water damage.
  • If needed, call a contractor to provide temporary roof tarp and window board-up services. For fallen trees, call a tree removal team.