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January 31, 2012

VIN Number Theft Warning

by Staff


There have been reports of car thieves peering through the windshields of vehicles and stealing the VIN Numbers from the dashboard VIN plate. They then go to a local car dealership and request a duplicate key based on the VIN number. Apparently, this number is all that is needed for proof of ownership to purchase/obtain a duplicate key. The theives also may create new vehi…cle titles with the VIN information, making it for an easy sell.

Due to the obvious complexity, time and effort it would take for all of these steps, it is more likely that these thefts would occur from a used car lot or theft of a high-value vehicle that the thief has been “casing” and is parked at the same location consistently. Even still, the Clark Insurance agency wants to keep you informed.

To avoid this from possibly happening to you, simply put some dark tape or a piece of paper over the VIN number, hiding it from view. By law, one may not remove the actual metal VIN label from any vehicle.

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