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Make a claim
Call your Clark Insurance agent during regular business hours, Monday thru Friday from 9AM to 5PM, at 740.653.8623 to make a claim. Or use the convenient directory below to file your claim directly with your insurance provider.

Prepare an emergency plan
We all think it couldn’t happen to us, but accidents do occur. We hope you never experience a problem, but we always suggest that you develop and implement an emergency preparedness plan for the various disasters and emergency situations that could arise. These plans should include evacuation routes and informed decisions on what to do and where to go should disaster strike.

Here are some considerations for you to include in your plan. No matter what the situation, safety for all involved must come first.

Call your insurance agent as soon as reasonably possible. To make a claim with your insurance carrier, you may contact them directly (see below).

After hours claim contact numbers

Cincinnati Insurance Company 1.877.242.2544
Erie Insurance Group  1.800.367.3743
Auto-Owners Insurance Group  1.888.252.4626
State Automobile Insurance Company 1.800.766.1853
Hastings Mutual Insurance Company 1.800.442.8277
Central Insurance Company  1.877.346.0300
Progressive Insurance  1.800.776.4737
United States Liability Insurance Group   1.866.214.5648

Links to insurance companies

Cincinnati Insurance Company www.cinfin.com
Erie Insurance Group  www.erieinsurance.com
Auto-Owners Insurance Group www.auto-owners.com
State Automobile Insurance Company www.stateauto.com
Hastings Mutual Insurance Company www.hastingsmutual.com
Central Insurance Company www.central-insurance.com
Progressive Insurance  www.progressive.com
United States Liability Insurance Group www.usli.com