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Clark Insurance has provided great service and exceptional insurance products to our friends and clients for 75 years. Clients know we all work with pride, honesty and integrity. There are specific disclaimers that we want to share with you, to be sure you understand the information we can share online.

As with all areas of our business, please call your Clark Insurance agent to discuss any questions you may have.


The information on this website is intended to be accurate at the time posted. It is for general informational purposes only. Because of the nature of this information, it may not be applicable in your area or current at the time you read it. Please see your agent or review the policy contract for detailed information you can rely on. The information on this site may change without prior notice.

This is not an offer or solicitation to sell insurance, nor is it a representation or guarantee of any price, product or service. Not all products and services are available in every area. Please refer to the licensing section for a current list of those areas for which we are licensed.

This is not a policy. For a complete statement of the coverages and exclusions, please see the policy contract.

Rates are subject to underwriting criteria.

Insurance policy terms and limits may vary by jurisdiction. Descriptions of coverages on these pages are limited by the terms, conditions, definitions and exclusions of individual insurance policy contracts.

These examples are not representation of the law. They are not intended to constitute legal, accounting or financial advice. Statement regarding potential liability or responsibility are based on general common law tort principles and/or standard statutes, both of which can be fact-specific and vary by jurisdiction. The general examples given here may not apply in every situation.